domenica 10 aprile 2011

[Cool Text] New Iced Style Freezing A Logo Near You

It may be spring, but icy winds are still blowing in here at Cool Text, freezing words into our new Iced logo style!

Create a logo with an icy feel, and customize how much ice there is, as well as the color. You can have any color of ice you like! Cover your logo completely in ice, or give it a light frosting. Also, you can change how thick the ice looks. Make your logo appear as though it is under several feet of solid ice.

Also – you can control how far the ice stretches upwards from your logo.

As always, the text color and font are fully customizable, as well as the background. Use a solid color background, or choose from one of our textures. The ice is see-through, so if you use a background, the background will show through. Otherwise, whatever is behind the logo will show through the ice.

Now, you don't have to travel to the north pole for your logo to get:

Iced Style Example

Brrr! Check it out now at Cool Text!




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